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What are the features of Next Generation Cables
What are the features of Next Generation Cables?
These cables have come to the fore with low-current cabling technology and globalization (new world order) in coaxial (cable type used in radio frequency) cable production. Physical isolation has been incorporated into cable manufacturing through rosendahl (line) machines. Another feature of these new generation cables is the ability to give HD screen display on TVs. With the support of the main control panel with touch screen, all parameters required for line control and electronic sensor are checked.

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During insulation, conductive surface cleanliness and surface quality are very important criteria to meet the high requirements. The change in isolation and conductor area, ovality, isolated center, isolated cleanliness, etc. parameter is important on impedance, attenuation and diaphragm by affecting leakage and inductance between two mutual conductors. The insulation time is complemented by high quality during this fixed period. The tandem slope line should be brought to the ready position of the next weave / sheathing (process) by performing the Data-LAN slope line, cable drainer (perforation), perfoil, self-slope and then self-foiling process as soon as possible. This is a very important bending process in terms of cable quality in data cables. At the same time, with the support of the main control panels, all parameters required for line control (leakage between two conductors) and the information coming with the electronic sensor device are monitored and monitored.
It provides electrical improvements to the cables by removing the "backtwist" feature of the voltage and the abrasion that can occur immediately with the cable extractor (perforation) with the support of the bend line. These cables come to constant production by lowering their values ​​without deviation, slip. The new generation cables do not end up counting but one of them is the 'HGV Series 75 Coaxial Cable'. The features of this cable provide a quality image to the screens. It is possible to find series such as Class A, class A +, ++ in all markets. It performs much better than the coaxial cable series and is therefore the preferred choice for all segments. Coaxial cables; harbors, buildings constructed with the latest technology, shopping malls, sub-structures and many other places.
Halogen Free Wire
Very dense settlements can be provided by Afumex cabling to provide the lowest level of danger and danger of fire at the financially high port, facilities, and such cables are produced very robust against all negativities, fires. The cables prevent the vision in the first few seconds of possible fires and create a very dense flammable effect and can produce very little denser, less toxic gas against carbon monoxide gases. Since the halogen is not emitted when the cable is burned, the corrosive effect of tus acid does not occur when the oxygen in the environment enters the reaction with chlorine.

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